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June Swap Theme

Hey Crafty Gang!!!

Had bumper 2 months of April and May swaps... Thanks to all you super creative people out there...

June starts tomorrow and so we are here with the theme of the month:)

However, this month is as they say 'Different'... :)

This month our very own Dolly a.k.a Kishley has won the 'GUEST HOSTESS' spot and so she gets to decide the theme of the month for all of us...

Dolly wants to see everyones creativity with Ethnic Indian projects this month!!! Use anything that gives an indian touch to the ATC's... be it fabrics, indian motifs, prints etc... any shape, any form, any colours... we leave that on you :)

If you do wanna play along this month, please leave your name in the Comments section or email us directly on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com latest by the 15th of June, 2010. Thereupon, your name will appear on the I'm in : list of the month on the right sidebar of the blog.

You will then receive information regarding the 'hostess address' as to where the ATCs have to be sent and other details. Please make sure your ATCs reach the hostess before the 30th of June, 2010.

ATCs received will be posted on the blog for all to see before they are sent out. 2 ATCs will be sent out to each participant before the 7th of July, 2010.

Also we are still awaiting a few ATCS of April and May so a day or two more and we will post them out and put up the pictures on the blog;-) yippee!!!

Come on everyone get the creative caps on...We need to impress our hostess Dolly...

Loads of Love,
Rachana and Shalini

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Winner for Guest Hostess

Hello craftygang,

Firstly like to thank you all for the lovely response to this June Guest Hostess contest...i never thought you all would be so enthusiastic...but we really had a great time reading all the comments... So finally the Winner for the Guest Hostess for June is Dolly....Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Thank for the participation people...we will surely come up with this again to give other people a chance....

Rachna & Shalini

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Surprise Surprise for JUNE !!!!

Hello Craftygang…

I hope you all have had loads of fun participating in the ATC swaps till now…It has been a pleasure for myself and Shalini to see the encouraging response as well as the increased participation and enthusiasm shown by all of you every single month…This June we will complete our half century i.e 6 months to our ATC swap blog that we created for our Indian fellow crafters YIPEE!!!! It just feels like yesterday… On this occasion we both have decided to give one of our fellow crafters a chance to be the “GUEST HOSTESS” for the June ATC Swap..

The role of the “GUEST HOSTESS” will be to set up the Theme of the month, Receive all the ATC’s for June and send it back to everyone, Be the Angel swapper of the month…In short the role that myself and shalini have been playing over the last few months..Hope you all will be excited enough to take this up …please do not fight;-)

Soooooooo how do we decide on who will be the “GUEST HOSTESS”? So all you need to do is complete the sentence…I Love ATC’s because____________________________________...Please note the answer has to be send to us by EMAIL ONLY at crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com.. We will choose the answer we like the best and announce the winner on 30th May…So the last day to send your entries is 29th May.

So get your creative brains racking…Also if you think you can be the potential winner please try and think of an innovative theme…We will need a theme from you on the very next day 31st May itself to be put on the blog on the 1st June…Till then Happy Crafting..


Rachana & Shalini

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Update on April and May Swaps

Hello Girls...

Hope everyone's doing great....This is a quick update to let you all know that this time there was a little confusion to few of our fellow crafters that they would need to send both the April and May ATC's together by May End..also taking into account the vacations we thought it would be a reasonable excuse to give everyone a chance to participate...So this is just an update to let u all know that the ATC's for April and May will be posted together in the 1st week of June...I know u all eagerly wait for the ATC's to arrive but this time it will take a little long...Sorry for that...Please request everyone to send in their May ATC's before the deadline date 31st May so that we can post them back at the earliest...

Thanks again to you all..

Happry Crafting,

Rachana & Shalini

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