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a very Happy 'Pink' New Year!!!

Hey everyone!!! Finally Finally Finally...

Thank you guys for the overwhelming response and support. We are so happy to know that many of us are interested in joining in with the ATCs... so, we would be going ahead with the first swap in January, 2010!!!

The theme for January would be : "Welcome the New Year with the colour Pink": the idea is to make something for new year and add glitz to it with hints of Pink!!!

You will need to create 2 ATCs. They can both be identical or each can be different from the other... You decide!

Please feel free to use any material, any base, any technique... just make sure it pertains to the theme... There are no rules on what can and cannot be used to create your ATCs so let your imagination run wild!

If you are interested in taking part, please leave us a comment or email us directly on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com latest by the 15th of January, 2010. Once we receive the confirmation of your participation, your name will appear on the I'm in : list of the month on the right sidebar of the blog.

Thereupon, you will receive information regarding the 'hostess address' to where the ATCs have to be sent and other details. Please make sure your ATCs reach the hostess before the 31st of January, 2010.

ATCs received will be posted on the blog for all to see before they are sent out. 2 ATCs will be sent out to each participant before the 7th of February, 2010.

Please make sure each ATC is first placed in a secured ATC sleeve. Then place the following in a larger outer envelope:
* 2 ATCs in ATC sleeves
* 2 self addressed unsealed envelopes of the right size(for the ATCs)
* sufficient postage(stamps) for the 2 ATCs to reach back to you well... Please note if the postage is insufficient, the ATCs may not reach you!!! Please check with your local post office/courier guy before posting...

The outer larger envelope to be then sealed and addressed to the hostess!!!

Please feel free to ask questions. We would be happy to answer your queries.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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What is an ATC?

An ATC is a small piece of original art work measuring 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches(6cms x 9cms), originally devised by Artists as business cards they are now swapped and collected in their own right. They are always swapped or traded, never sold.

In a nutshell, what you would make as a bigger card, you replicate the front portion in a smaller version which is easier to handle, post and store. It's a 'mini' version of your bigger original card.

What Info do you put on the back?

On the back of your ATC you put:

1. your name
2. your blog name
3. your email address
4. the date you made the ATC
5. Title or theme of the swap
6. if there is still space left and if you desire, then a small description of the techniques used or other info you would like to share with the receiver

What material to use?

ATCs are typically made on a base of card stock. However, ATCs have been created on metal, stiffened fabric, plastic, clay, leather, embroidery canvas, acetate, heavy watercolor paper, and many other materials. Various techniques are then applied to the chosen base: collage, textile arts, assemblage, digital art, calligraphy, beadwork, watercolors, rubber stamps, carved soft block stamps, pen and ink, colored pencil, airbrush, and many others.

Please feel free to use anything and any technique(just like what you would use for your original bigger card), as long as it is able to support the decoration put on to it and is thin enough to fit into the little clear cellophane polybags called the ATC sleeves.

Originally poker cards were used as the base card and decorated and embellished, this is where the 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch rule on size evolved. Some people still use playing cards as the base. or you can cut your own cards from card stock, using up scraps and off cuts or you can cut 9 ATCs from a sheet of A4 card with very little waste.

What are ATC sleeves?

ATC sleeves are the transparent/clear polybags used for fitting in the ATC before putting them in an envelope for posting. It helps in protecting your work of art from getting damaged...

Clear zip lock pouches of the right size would work perfectly as well...

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All about ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

What is an ATC?
Artist Trading Cards are collectables, there are no rules dictating what you use to create your ATC card the only rule is that the dimensions of the ATC must be 2.5"x3.5"

An ATC mustn't be sold, only exchanged; exchanging ATCs is a great way of meeting other Crafters and being exposed to different styles and techniques.

On the back of each ATC the artist writes part or all of the following information: name, contact information, title of the ATC etc.

ATCs can be exchanged through postal exchanges set up by Craft websites, blogs, forums, at Craft fairs or meetings, they are a really fun way of meeting other crafters and you can quickly build up a great collection of Mini masterpieces.

The Rules!!!
We would like to keep the swap quite simple so we will try and keep rules to a minimum; the aim of the swap is mainly to have fun!

1. The swap is only open to India based participants.

2. The ATC must be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches (9cm * 6cm) (regulation ATC size)

3. The ATCs must be sent in an envelope to the hostesses address with the correct postage (Large outer main envelope) including in it:

a)2 return envelopes ( for 2 swaps u would receive) may be of the same size or
preferably a smaller one which can accommodate the ATC’s as well. The return
envelope should include your name and address on its cover written neatly and
should have enough stamps pasted or inserted in it to be returned back to you.
Please note do not seal the return envelope only paste stamps on it or insert
sufficient stamps and write your name and address. If the postage is not correct your ATCs may not get to us.

b)Also one more important rule is to put your ATC cards in a zip lock bag, ATC
holders or clear plastic covers as per availability to reach the receiver in a
good condition. Please make sure your ATC is sturdy enough to withstand posting.
If using a small envelope make sure it is not sealed as the ATCs will be posted
on the Blog for everyone to admire!

4. You can use any media to create your ATC unless specified in that month's theme.

5. The deadline for submission to the swap will be the last day of the month and swaps will be sent out as soon as possible after the closing date.

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Contact Us


Welcome to the world of ATCs. If you are interested in joining us for the monthly swaps, please leave us your name and email id on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com

We will get back to you with the address of the hostess to whom the ATCs of the month have to be posted. Upon confirmation, your name will appear on the 'Swap List' of the month on the sidebar of the blog.

Looking forward to having you on-board :)

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