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July ATCs recd...

Hey all you beautiful girls!!!

having fun with the July theme? we sure are!!!

Here are the ATCs recd. till date:

1. Spardha
2. Asha
3. Deepti
4. Priya
5. Smita
6. Lucy
7. Rachana
8. Anuradha

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Presenting our Guest Hostess 'Dolly'...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
here's presenting our guest hostess for June, 'Dolly'!!!

(well, is this really correct!!! do we actually have men snooping around here to see whats happening!!! well, i doubt... and even if some do, are there really 'gentlemen' existing... am nt too sure of dat either... well, all we married women around here, better not complain... our hubbies have been more than supportive & very well 'gently' patient in this 'crazily expensive' passion of ours... but on 2nd thoughts, isnt complaining our birth right...foget it, just random ramblings:D)

So, ladies... for the month of June our guess hostess was our very own 'Dolly'(well some of you would also know her as 'Kishley') and are very very familiar with her creative talents over at http://www.studiokish.blogspot.com/. Her theme for the month was Ethnic Indian.

A big round of applause for Dolly and all the enthusiastic
participants who came up with such beauties. 

Here's what Dolly had to say about her experience of the whole thing:

"i was asked to write a small piece on my experience of being a hostess on this ATC swap blog. And i started thinking what to write! And as i sat watching television today, there was some award-night on telecast. So i thought wow! maybe thats what i should start my brief note with, don't mind if you feel they are boring.

 First of all thanks to the creators of this wonderful blog "crazy about ATCs" for giving me this equally wonderful opportunity to host June's ATC swap. I would also like to thank all the participants who made those ATCs for the theme 'Ethnic Indian'. And i also would put a note of thanks to Mr. Ajay, my society's admin guy for collecting all mails and couriers on my behalf and giving them to me (after 2 days of him receiving them :D).

In the first week of June i was all excited about being a hostess. By second week i remembered once in a while that i'll receive ATCs soon. Third week came and i forgot all about ATCs. Fourth week, i received the first ATC, by Ashkuku, and i was all excited AGAIN :). Then afterward, each day went in anticipation about 'have i received one more today?' Even Mr. Ajay was bugged up quite a number of times by me and my husband asking , 'have you received a courier today?'.

Whenever i would receive one, i would open them up in excitement, eager to see some more ethnic stuff. Each time, i would see a marvellous piece of craft and a few times some new techniques too. I saw, for the first time, what parchment craft is and how to use glass paints on small creations. I learnt how beautiful stones and pearls look when patterned as jewellery. I was amazed at how people translated 'Ethnic Indian' into their creations. For most of it was about peacocks and paisleys, for some it was religion and God, for some it was Indian motifs and patterns. I loved receiving them all...

I showed all ATCs to my family, all the guys in my family were least interested. My hubby even bugged by being requested to ask (once more) about the mails to Mr. Ajay. My m-i-l was amused at no-sentiment-and-too-small-cards being sent for apparently no-reason-at-all. My mum all praises for a unique hobby, though i couldn't get her to see all the cards.

My biggest worry in swapping ATCs was to make sure that no one receives their own ATCs back. I tried with a lot of permutations, hopefully no one receives their own ATCs back. :D

Thanks gurls for letting me have the wonderful experience."    

Girls, that's not all.
Dolly has also decided to give away some crafty candy to one lucky creative-winner!!!

Here's all the super duper yummy stuff that she's sharing!!!

and she's picked the lucky receipient to be

Congrats Girl!!!
Dolly would soon be contacting you via mail for your address and other details.
Have fun :)

Thanks Dolly!!!
We too were really happy and excited to share with you the joy we experience each month!!!

Till next,
take care and happy crafting :)

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June ATCs...

Hello everyone,

Pls welcome our new members... Madhavi, Neha and Priya... its their 1st play with us and we are so glad to have them here...:)

and... here are the ATCs for the month of June... our Guest Hostess for the month, Dolly had tossed out the theme 'Indian Ethnic' for us to work on... and our members have done a great job... very Indian very ethnic... super!!!













Hope all of you already have your umbrellas out for the month of July... keep 'em coming... we would shortly be sending out a mail with the hostess address and other details to all the participants!!!

Till then, stay tuned...
Thanks for visiting!!! :)

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Pitter Patter Rain Drops...


"Pitter-patter, raindrops,
Falling from the sky;
Here is my umbrella
To keep me safe and dry!
When the rain is over,
And the sun begins to glow,
Little flowers start to bud,
And grow and grow and grow!

Hey, all you beautiful people out there... 

hope you are having fun playing along... 
we sure are having a great time feasting on all your creativity!!!

July is right here and so are the monsoons!!! Some of us are already having fun in the rain while the others are still waiting for the skies to pour!!! So what better theme for July than RAINS... it could be anything to do with rains... puddles, mushrooms, umbrellas, water boats, anything!!!

  So, just put on your creative caps and unleash!!!

Waiting to see all your super works!!!

Happy Crafting :)

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