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It's a Hap Hap Happy Month!!!

Hey Girls...
how have you been???hope you are having fun around here...

it's almost the end of 2010 and aren't we so so excited about the new year... together with the 2011 
it's also time for us to celebrate the anniversary of our blog... 

yes ladies, it's been a year and what a beautiful year it has been... 
would definitely not have been possible without all you lovely supporters of the idea and the super enthusiastic participants who helped us sail through this entire year...  

As a token of appreciation we have a small candy for you... it's a small surprise and would go to one participant randomly chosen at the end of Jan,2011.

Here are some simple rules to be followed:

1. Become a follower, if you are not already one
2. Pls add a link about the Candy in your side bar... 
3. And most importantly, participate in the Jan, 2011 ATC swap :)

And now for the theme for January... 

Since it's a our 1st Blogoversary  
what better theme than 'Anniversary'!!!

(wow, that rhymes :))

So ladies get your creative caps on and send us your ATCs quickly... 

anything that directly/suggestively relates to Anniversary works...

Can't wait to see what you all come up with...
So, sign up now!!!

Either leave us a comment or mail us on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com to get going!!!

Thanks for visiting!!!

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Hey Everyone!!!

so, finally back from a months break... fresh and with a new theme of the month... 

and the theme for the month of December is 


Yes girls... get your fave stamps and inks out and let's see what beauties you all come up with...

So get going now... 

just leave us a comment or mail us at 

Happy Crafting!!!

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Sep Pics and Nov Vacation;-)

Hello Girls,

Finally the Sep ATC pics...Thanks a lot for the lovely ATCs...Sorry for the delay in posting pics ...

Also for the Month of Nov since its going to be a festive and holiday season we have decided to take a break, so there would not be any ATC theme for Nov, however the theme for Dec would be declared on Nov 15th so that all you creative girls can get a lot of time to make them...Hope this is convenient for all of you...Once again thanks for the lovely enthusiasm shown every month...Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year...





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Hi Girls,

Hope u all are doing great..Sorry about the late post, i have posted the Sep ATCs today, will upload the pictures in a few days...my digi cam has concked off;-( i shd be getting it by sat or sun...So will update the pics soon...

Hope you all are having fun making the Oct ATCs..

Happy Crafting,

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Hey Girls...

It's October already and it's time for a brand new theme of the month... 
the theme this time around is 


we want to see how creatively all you lovely ladies out there use fabric on your ATCs... 

use them as base, textures, patterns, make flowers, buttons, other embellies, anything... just anything... just use fabric!!!

Can't wait to see what you all come up with...

So, sign up now!!!

Either leave us a comment or mail us on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com to get going!!!

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September ATCs recieved


Received ATCs for September
1) Asha
2) Lucy

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July ATCs

Hey Girls...

Firstly my apologies for being this super duper late in posting the July pics...

Secondly, without further ado... here are the pics of the creations of our awesumly creative team...:)

the theme of the month was 'Pitter Patter Rain Drops'










Thanks for visiting!!!

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August ATC Pictures...

Hello Girls,

Firstly would like to say a BIG SORRY from our side for the delay in posting the pictures of ATC on the blog..So here we go please find the pictures of the lovely August ATCs ( Color them of Green, White and Orange)... These will be posted out tomorrow morning so they should reach you soon...

Also please note there has been a little confusion in case of July ATCs and hence it took us a little while to figure things out...Shalini will be posting the pictures of them asap...please spare us a day or two more...Thanks a lot to all of you for being so patient...







Hope all of you have gon through the fun theme of Spetmeber ATC...Please enroll soon...Thanks again.

Happy Crafting,
Rachana & Shalini

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Guess what... It's September already!!!! and ... we are here with a brand new theme for the month... it's going to be a theme with a difference this time around... 

and it's time for some

  'Kittty Kitty Kat Kat' 

...nope no cats and no kit-kats involved :)

what we want you to do this month is create an ATC... could be just absolutely anything under the sun(please keep within the size limit though)... and create a small kit to go with it... which contains exactly the same material (including the card stock cut to size) for the recipient to be able to make her own with it... 

So, all of us have to make 2 ATCs(could be same or different) and we have 2 small kits containing all the stuff used in the making of your 2ATCs... you can omit using scissors/glue/colour pens... etc from the kit... lolzzz.... 

Any questions, please feel free to ask!!!

Also, at the end of the month, we would be drawing out a member randomly for a small surprise goody!!! So, do sign up quickly and we'll be mailing out the hostess address to you shortly...

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August is here!!!

Hey Girls,

August is right here... after  a super shower of all those awesome July ATCs, we are here with the theme for August!!! and ladies, this time around we have a color recipie for you... Colors which are quite close to our hearts!!!  

Orange , White and Green!!! 

So, all you lovely girls... get your colours and PPs out and get going!!!

Just a small note to specify that the theme is orange, white and green... however, its not necessarily a patriotic theme... the choice is yours!!! all that we want is you to use the 3 colours in any which way...

In case of any clarifications, pls feel free to write in...

Rachana & Shalini

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July ATCs recd...

Hey all you beautiful girls!!!

having fun with the July theme? we sure are!!!

Here are the ATCs recd. till date:

1. Spardha
2. Asha
3. Deepti
4. Priya
5. Smita
6. Lucy
7. Rachana
8. Anuradha

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Presenting our Guest Hostess 'Dolly'...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
here's presenting our guest hostess for June, 'Dolly'!!!

(well, is this really correct!!! do we actually have men snooping around here to see whats happening!!! well, i doubt... and even if some do, are there really 'gentlemen' existing... am nt too sure of dat either... well, all we married women around here, better not complain... our hubbies have been more than supportive & very well 'gently' patient in this 'crazily expensive' passion of ours... but on 2nd thoughts, isnt complaining our birth right...foget it, just random ramblings:D)

So, ladies... for the month of June our guess hostess was our very own 'Dolly'(well some of you would also know her as 'Kishley') and are very very familiar with her creative talents over at http://www.studiokish.blogspot.com/. Her theme for the month was Ethnic Indian.

A big round of applause for Dolly and all the enthusiastic
participants who came up with such beauties. 

Here's what Dolly had to say about her experience of the whole thing:

"i was asked to write a small piece on my experience of being a hostess on this ATC swap blog. And i started thinking what to write! And as i sat watching television today, there was some award-night on telecast. So i thought wow! maybe thats what i should start my brief note with, don't mind if you feel they are boring.

 First of all thanks to the creators of this wonderful blog "crazy about ATCs" for giving me this equally wonderful opportunity to host June's ATC swap. I would also like to thank all the participants who made those ATCs for the theme 'Ethnic Indian'. And i also would put a note of thanks to Mr. Ajay, my society's admin guy for collecting all mails and couriers on my behalf and giving them to me (after 2 days of him receiving them :D).

In the first week of June i was all excited about being a hostess. By second week i remembered once in a while that i'll receive ATCs soon. Third week came and i forgot all about ATCs. Fourth week, i received the first ATC, by Ashkuku, and i was all excited AGAIN :). Then afterward, each day went in anticipation about 'have i received one more today?' Even Mr. Ajay was bugged up quite a number of times by me and my husband asking , 'have you received a courier today?'.

Whenever i would receive one, i would open them up in excitement, eager to see some more ethnic stuff. Each time, i would see a marvellous piece of craft and a few times some new techniques too. I saw, for the first time, what parchment craft is and how to use glass paints on small creations. I learnt how beautiful stones and pearls look when patterned as jewellery. I was amazed at how people translated 'Ethnic Indian' into their creations. For most of it was about peacocks and paisleys, for some it was religion and God, for some it was Indian motifs and patterns. I loved receiving them all...

I showed all ATCs to my family, all the guys in my family were least interested. My hubby even bugged by being requested to ask (once more) about the mails to Mr. Ajay. My m-i-l was amused at no-sentiment-and-too-small-cards being sent for apparently no-reason-at-all. My mum all praises for a unique hobby, though i couldn't get her to see all the cards.

My biggest worry in swapping ATCs was to make sure that no one receives their own ATCs back. I tried with a lot of permutations, hopefully no one receives their own ATCs back. :D

Thanks gurls for letting me have the wonderful experience."    

Girls, that's not all.
Dolly has also decided to give away some crafty candy to one lucky creative-winner!!!

Here's all the super duper yummy stuff that she's sharing!!!

and she's picked the lucky receipient to be

Congrats Girl!!!
Dolly would soon be contacting you via mail for your address and other details.
Have fun :)

Thanks Dolly!!!
We too were really happy and excited to share with you the joy we experience each month!!!

Till next,
take care and happy crafting :)

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June ATCs...

Hello everyone,

Pls welcome our new members... Madhavi, Neha and Priya... its their 1st play with us and we are so glad to have them here...:)

and... here are the ATCs for the month of June... our Guest Hostess for the month, Dolly had tossed out the theme 'Indian Ethnic' for us to work on... and our members have done a great job... very Indian very ethnic... super!!!













Hope all of you already have your umbrellas out for the month of July... keep 'em coming... we would shortly be sending out a mail with the hostess address and other details to all the participants!!!

Till then, stay tuned...
Thanks for visiting!!! :)

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