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April & May Swaps Received

Hello everyone...

Hope you all are having fun making the ATC's for April and May...

Just a quick note to let you know that we have already received the following ATCs for the April Swap:

1. Lucy
2. Tejal
3. Asha
4. Karuna
5. Juhi
6. Deepti
7. Spardha
8. Laura
9. Anita
10. Kishley
11. Shelly
12. Abhinav

ATC's recieved for May Swap:
1. Anita
2. Spardha
3. Laura
4. Asha
5. Deepti
6. Priya
7. Tejal
8. Anuradha
9. Bhavana
10. Abhinav
11. Juhi

Keep them coming girls... waiting anxiously to see them :)

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March Goody Bag Winner!!!

Hey Everyone!!! 

This posts comes a little late but comes with a good news:) It's the time to announce the winner of the surprise goody bag!!!

Since it was our very first blog candy we decided to enter all the Mar ATC participants for the draw(even those whose ATCs reached us after 31st of March. But guys next time pls be on time:))...

1. Aasha
2. Anita
3. Anuradha
4. Archana
5. Chhavi
6. Deepti
7. Jaya
8. Juhi
9. Kishley
10. Laura
11. Lucy
12. Nikita
13. Shelly
14. Smita
15. Spardha

And the randomly chosen winner is # 7 Jaya...

Congratulations Jaya!!!

you have won the goody bag containing patterned papers, laces, assorted buttons, stones, eyelets, flower embellishments in assorted colours, ribbons, tags, small gift bags, butterfly punch outs, tiny ethnic paisely motifs and doilies:)

Jaya, please email us your complete postal address. The goody bag will be couriered to you and should be with you in a day or two. Hope you like and enjoy the contents:)

Thanks for playing along!!! Have fun!!!

All of you, do stay tuned for more action in the coming days... and a surprise for June:)

Till then, take care and Happy Crafting!!!

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March Swaps Posted!!!

Hey Girls,

Finally the wait's over!!!
Lucy's swap arrived today and all ATCs have been sent out... :)
  They should be with you in less than a weeks time!!!

Thanks for playing along!!! Waiting to see yr creative juices flowing for the April swaps:) 

See you there!!!

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We Love You Laura!!!

Laura, you are a sweetheart!!!

Isn't the new look absolutely great!!! This fabulous blog makeover is courtesy our very talented fellow crafter Laura...

Few days back Laura offered to revamp the blog... and then began her interaction with us, the TTFs (total technical fools:))... not only she finished this off very very swiftly but also her patience in answering our numerous silly questions has been commendable...

Thanks so much Laura... We simply love this:)

We are so glad and lucky to be a part of this ATC gang... it's connected us to all u beautifully talented people out there... Thanks for being there for us:)

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Angel Swapper of the Month!!!

Crazy about ATCs

It's the 2nd time this has happened... some ATCs got misplaced on their way to the hostess :( Juhi's ATCs got misplaced in January... Nikita's and Lucy's got misplaced in March... Mr. Postman is playing a spoilt sport and we therefore had to figure out a way to circumvent it... so here comes 'Angel Swappers ' to our rescue :)

Here i would like to mention that Lucy hs been such a darling and she has actually made her ATCs again and resent them to us!!! Lucy, your enthusiasm is heart warming!!! A huge applause for her spirit... Way to go girl!!!

An 'Angel' is someone who volunteers to make and send ATC’s to the participant whose ATC’s get lost in transit. The loss of ATC could be either way... from the participant to the hostess or from the hostess to the participants address..

The Angel for the month will be informed by us about any such loss(es)… They would in turn make the required no. of ATCs and send to the concerned person... The Angel has the complete liberty to decide what she wishes to make as long as it pertains to the theme of that month...

In case nothing gets lost in a particular month (which we sincerely hope does happen always :)), the responsibility of the Angel for that month ends there… A new Angel will be appointed for the next month… .

The Angel of the Month gets to put up the above blinkie on their blog for the whole month!!!

So, what are you guys waiting for!!! Rush!!!

Who wants to be the Angel Swapper for the month of April???

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March ATC Pictures

Hi Everyone... 

so, here are the March swap pics all of us have been so eagerly waiting for... 
such amazingly cute ATCs...


















We are awaiting Lucy's and Nikita's ATCs, so the ATCs will be posted out this Thursday... They did post in time but probably Mr. Postman did the trick in transit...
Sorry for the delay:)

Thanks for visiting!!!

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April & May

Hey Girls!!! Having fun???
We sure are:)

loving every moment of the swaps... Every month, the wait to see the beautiful stuff u girls create is killing!!! i have never in my life been this excited to see a postman... :) 

Am sure everyone's excited to see the March ATCs and what our super talented team of girls have come up with... but, just one more day to go...

our friends Nikita and Lucy did post their ATCs quite some time back but they haven't reached yet :( We would be waiting till tuesday evening before posting all the pics together... 

It's heart breaking to see such awesum ATCs made by each of us with so much effort get lost in transit... to take care of this issue, we would be introducing the concept of Angel Swapper of the Month soon!!! More on this later... make sure to be on a lookout to know more :)

Now for the theme for the month... or should we say months!!!

Some of us might be off vacationing sometime in the hot summer months of April & May, so in order to give you gals flexibility, we decided to announce the themes for the 2 months together...

However, you girls are free to decide whether you wanna send the ATCs for both the months together at one go(u send 4 ATCs together - 2 for each month)  or in each month separately(u send 2 ATCs in April and 2 in May)...  You Decide!!!     

 The theme for APRIL is mouth watering
and will surely leave you wanting to
indulge for sure:) 

Summer Treats : Beat the Heat with Ice Creams/Lollies/Candies/Cool Drinks

 make ATCs with anything to do with these yummy summer treats...

The theme for MAY is Shaped ATCs
Anything but a Rectangle

For a change, dump the boring rectangles and experiment with a new shape... letsee wat all u guys can stir up for this one:)  

 For the convinience of all those who would like to send both month ATCs together, the hostess for both the months would be Rachana... Hostess address and other details will be mailed to you once you sign up for the swaps...

While signing up(either mail us on crazyaboutatcs@gmail.com or leave us a Comment), Pls do mention one of the three below:
1. I'm in for both
2. I'm in for April 
3. I'm in for May

Do stay tuned in... loads of action coming up... pics of the super cool March ATCs, the winner of the surprise goody bag, angel swapper and a surprise announcement for June :)

Till then, take care and keep swapping ;)


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