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April & May Swaps Received

Hello everyone...

Hope you all are having fun making the ATC's for April and May...

Just a quick note to let you know that we have already received the following ATCs for the April Swap:

1. Lucy
2. Tejal
3. Asha
4. Karuna
5. Juhi
6. Deepti
7. Spardha
8. Laura
9. Anita
10. Kishley
11. Shelly
12. Abhinav

ATC's recieved for May Swap:
1. Anita
2. Spardha
3. Laura
4. Asha
5. Deepti
6. Priya
7. Tejal
8. Anuradha
9. Bhavana
10. Abhinav
11. Juhi

Keep them coming girls... waiting anxiously to see them :)

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AshKuku said...

Yuppie! I was looking forward to this acknowledgment....Thank You!


Anuradha said...

I have posted my atcs ..please let me know once you receive the same..


anita said...

I have posted my ATC, but my March Atc got losti.e. I did not get any ATCs in return. Was Really looking forward to it. Can something be done about it?

Deepti Aggarwal said...

I Have posted my ATC's 4 days back..let me know when u receive it :)

Karuna said...


Thanks for acknowledging the receipt of my ATC.

Looking forward to the same :)


Kishley said...

Did you recieve my ATC?