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Angel Swapper of the Month!!!

Crazy about ATCs

It's the 2nd time this has happened... some ATCs got misplaced on their way to the hostess :( Juhi's ATCs got misplaced in January... Nikita's and Lucy's got misplaced in March... Mr. Postman is playing a spoilt sport and we therefore had to figure out a way to circumvent it... so here comes 'Angel Swappers ' to our rescue :)

Here i would like to mention that Lucy hs been such a darling and she has actually made her ATCs again and resent them to us!!! Lucy, your enthusiasm is heart warming!!! A huge applause for her spirit... Way to go girl!!!

An 'Angel' is someone who volunteers to make and send ATC’s to the participant whose ATC’s get lost in transit. The loss of ATC could be either way... from the participant to the hostess or from the hostess to the participants address..

The Angel for the month will be informed by us about any such loss(es)… They would in turn make the required no. of ATCs and send to the concerned person... The Angel has the complete liberty to decide what she wishes to make as long as it pertains to the theme of that month...

In case nothing gets lost in a particular month (which we sincerely hope does happen always :)), the responsibility of the Angel for that month ends there… A new Angel will be appointed for the next month… .

The Angel of the Month gets to put up the above blinkie on their blog for the whole month!!!

So, what are you guys waiting for!!! Rush!!!

Who wants to be the Angel Swapper for the month of April???

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AshKuku said...

SO sweet of her...... That is indeed very ANGELISH!!!!!! ;-) My hubby calls me Nanhi Pari... So I am forever his angel... ;-) And I would love to be ANGELISH!!! FOREVER!!!! ;-p


AshKuku said...

Oops! I forgot.... That is a lovely change of space.... Beautifully renovated..... Looks very perfect... I loved every small detailing.... A decided space for all elements.... KUDOS!!!!!


anita said...

Hey, I would love to be an angel. would do any thing to make something new.